Artists Statement

My works deals with notions of (dis) placement, remnants and the liminal- what is discarded and the resonance within it. Installations of large painting, photography, video, sculptures, intersected with wool to delineate the gallery and audience. Playing with the physicality of viewing and as well as the making is a key interest in how art can move the body, therefor the mind. Culture/ my own Danish/ Maori heritage is central to this notion of identity, ex/inclusion and place. The human flow across the planet is a key interest in talking about the human condition and our attitudes towards its placement.


I am developing a work with its inception in a small work entitled Relic. The project is an ongoing investigation into the erosion of community and separation of the human spirit in this current global climate politically and environmentally. Discarded items and their placement are key to the work. The work will incorporate a larger area, a landscape of artworks- large paintings, sculptures, textile works- discarded personal items, wool. The notion of artifact, will be investigated. Displaying found objects of some personal importance, especially of an indigenous origin, open up the discussion of who has the right to exhibit and critique them. What has value and what makes a modern day relic/ artifact and why? In terms of placement, what binds or makes a community and how does the human spirit evolve through these transformations in society. What actions allow us place or displacement.

Cloudlands review by Craig Judd:

Captivating for their bravura qualities, these works feature the leitmotif of biomorphic, ghost-like shapes or figures in overwhelming landscape settings. Are we witnessing a birthing process, or an entropic disaster? The striking atmospheric qualities, the delicate fields of layered, coloured wash recall the "falling worlds" of Chinese scroll painting. Paradoxically, there is also an ominous claustrophobia here with forms that appear trapped within the miasma.

Lark’s works suggest narratives that are central to colonising cultures for example being lost in the unmapped primal wilderness, or questions of origin and ultimate sustainability. Quite possibly the tantalising narrative arcs in the paintings are influenced by the artist's Maori heritage. Yet there is a distinct sense of much broader frames of reference in the making and finish of the works.

Ultimately, the insistent polyvalent mysteriousness echoes a vast swathe of Romantic antecedents and cultural forms that oscillate across the pre historic, the Indigenous and the first worlds.



Born Taupo, New Zealand
Lives and works in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Selected Exhibitions, Residencies


Relic, Blacktown City Art Prize. Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney. Finalist

one plus one recipient- Parramatta artists studios    

Relic, Locale Gaffa Gallery Sydney. Group exhibition
The Apocalypse Tapestry of Darlinghurst. Artmonth & East Sydney Cultural and Community Centre by Brand X. Solo Exhibition
Brand X Residency program- Tempe, Sydney- current resident artist 2015-


Refuge, Collab Gallery, Solo exhibition & performance collaboration (Linda Luke)
Transmute, Pom-Pom Gallery. Group exhibition
FavorEconomy, guest artist contributor for audio archive


Fischers Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney. Finalist


Fischer’s Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney. Finalist
Blacktown City Art Prize. Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney. Finalist
ArtMonth A.R.P, Darlinghurst, Sydney


We Are Family, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney Group exhibition with Deborah
Kelly, Twilight Girls, Michele Aboud, REA, Waded.
Plastic Oh No!, Marrickville Garage, Sydney


A.R.P LIVE! Oxford Street & Foley Lane, Sydney


4A, Gallery 4A, Haymarket Sydney


Round Two! A.R.P, Oxford Street & laneways, Sydney
Shelf Life, Delmar Gallery, Sydney
Strangelands Solo Exhibition Harrison Galleries, Sydney. Sponsored by Foto Riesel.
Moran photographic prize- finalist, State Library, Sydney


Between A Rock & A Hard Place, Cockatoo Island with Richard Goodwin, Mikala
Dwyer, Justene Williams, Keg De Souza, Mari Velonaki Sponsored by Foto Riesel
Weave- Parramatta Artists’ Studio’s, Sydney

Guest Speaking Roles

2018 Art exhibition Launch, Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Guest speaker, Castlecrag
2017 Rainbow Families, Fair Day. Guest Artist- kids workshop- 4m x 4m collaborative canvas
2014 We Are Family, Australian Centre for Photography. Artists talk/ film screening,catalogue launch. Group exhibition: Deborah Kelly, REA, Twilight Girls, Michelle Aboud & Waded. Opened by the Honorable Marie Bashire
2013 NAVA & SCA public forum explorig the significance of arts residencies to artist’s careers.
Key industry speakers: Anna Magdalena Laerkesen, Director A.R.P; Justin Balmain,Firstdraft; Sophia Kouyoumdjian, Parramatta Artist Studios; Tracy Burgess, Artspace; JulieSpatt, Australia Council ; Nicholas Tsoutas, SCA & Res Artis Executive
2012 Synergy NAVA, Participant in professional mentorship program.
Weave Parramatta Artist’s Studios- guest artist and speaker, Mt Tomah, Sydney
Art & Co existence in Sydney. Public forum A.R.P residency program & City Of Sydney chaired by Stephen Feneley
2011 Artmonth Public Talks, Cellblock Theatre, Sydney.Artist interview by journalist Stephen Feneley



2018 City of Sydney Cultural Grant & Galfa cultural Grant for The Apocalypse Tapestry of Darlinghurst


Industry Arts Roles

A.R.P Artists Residency Program, Director
Successful grants, sponsors & authorities: Arts NSW; City Of Sydney; Sydney
Foreshore Authority; Sydney Harbor Federation Trust. A.R.P brokers
affordable inner city studio space and delivers cultural programs in support of
established and emerging artists. Some of the many artists have included Richard
Goodwin, Mikala Dwyer, Daniel Boyd, Justene Williams
Community Development Roles: Parramatta Artists Studios, Performance Space,
and Campbelltown Arts Centre. Roles that encompassed project management and
delivery across both small and large scales for indoor and outdoor projects such as
Minto:Live; Currents; What I think about when I think About Dancing; Quick &
Installation Coordination Roles. 2008 Biennale Of Sydney; Museum of
Contemporary Art, Sydney; Venice Biennale, various Sydney galleries.
Some key skills include- specialized in audiovisual coordination and installation,
professional art handling, recruiting and crewing, murals, budget management, OH&S,
relevant legislation, transportation, delivery of large scale public artworks
Theatre and Performance based Production Management Roles.
Performance Space, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Various institutions.
Previous film industry roles as prop maker, set dresser, art director include-
ABC TV, Farscape, Moulin Rouge

Extensive Travel

Lived and worked between Australia & Netherlands 1995-2008.
Developed and coordinated in-door and outdoor arts projects. Speaks Dutch


2017 Charles Koroneho Performance Workshop: Tua o Te Arai – beyond the veil, afterdeath. Critical Path, Drill hall, Sydney. Successful scholarship recipient.
2015 Masterclass- Ruth Hadlow, Sydney. Intensive masterclass with Ruth Hadlow
2012 Synergy NAVA, Participant in professional mentorship program
2011 Te Kura Ataarangi ki Poih Te Kura Ataarangi ki Poihaakena .St George Migrant Centre. Full Immersion Maori language course
2006 Australian Film and Television School, Sydney. Certificate in Art Direction & Cinematography
2001/2 University of Technology, Sydney.Post- Graduate Certificate in Sound Art
1993/4 Australian Institute of Music, Sydney.Music Certificate, Vocal Major, Composition Minor
1988-90 Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney. Bachelor of Arts – Advanced Standing – Sculpture, Film & Performance
1985-87 National Art School, Sydney. Art Certificate – Painting Major, Drawing/ Photography Minor